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  1. Chef's Basket (1)
  2. Chings (2)
  3. Maggi (9)
  4. Nissin (6)
  5. Patanjali (3)
  6. Sunfeast (4)
  7. Top (1)
  8. Top Ramen (7)
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Kitchen is off with special dishes? Felling hungry and too lazy to cook? Then provide your stomach some healthy stuff like instant noodles online at the best online supermarket in Hyderabad and Vizag.

Noodles are precooked and dried solid noodle block, along with this the spicy, tasty flavoring powder comes along with this pack. These noodles are prepared instantly in less time, it tastes yummy and is affordable by everyone. Instant food in Hyderabad and Vizag includes wide brands of noodles like famous maggi, top ramen, etc. 

Happiness is Instant Noodles

The benefit of using Zip, besides their instant food delivery system, is the fact that it?s got products of different kinds sold by the top brands in the industry. You can find noodles by 10+ brands with different flavors. In the brand Maggi you can find options such as maggi masala noodles, hungroo masala, oats noodles, maggi cuppa mania, the healthy maggi vegetable multigrain noodles, chicken noodles, etc. You can also find healthy, tasty soup in the name of maggi healthy soups sweet corn. Recently maggi has come up with the new range of Maggi hot heads which includes Maggi hot heads barbeque pepper noodles, maggi hot heads chilli chicken noodles, maggi hot heads green chili noodles and maggi hot heads peri peri noodles. 

Enjoy Life with Delicious Noodles

If you want to try some desi noodles, then opt for patanjali atta noodles you can choose from patanjali atta noodles chatpata and classic atta noodles. The chef basket kung pao noodles are very tasty which includes two different spate sauce. No time for breakfast? Want to prepare something instant and tasty? Then grab these instant top ramen noodles online now. Whether you want to eat instant noodles like Top ramen masala noodles, fiery chilli noodles, Top ramen curry instant noodles or Top ramen oats yummy masala noodles. You can order top ramen product online from the online grocery shopping in Hyderabad and Vizag

Taste the noodles with different flavours, sauces and brands. Buy noodles online from brands such as ching?s the famous brands very popular with ching?s secret masala. If you are a fan of sunfeast then do not forget to try sunfeast yippee noodles which comes in classic masala, magic masala, masala atta and Chinese masala. Buy Yippee noodles they are yummy, extra-long. So keep calm and welcome home yippee which will take you to the magical world. Buy Nissin cup noodles online from many options at

Ordering noodles online is one of the best decisions you?ll ever make. You?ll save time and effort that would have been wasted if you decided to buy instant food at the supermarket. Searching for food items and waiting in a queue to pay for your product isn?t just time consuming; it?s physically draining. With Zip?s instant food delivery in Hyderabad and Vizag, you won?t have to step out of the comfort of your home. Place an order for your favorite food items, and simply wait for them to come to you.

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